#Day5 — Together

Even though her fuming past was still burning,
she granted him do some learning.
He rested his lips on hers slowly,
like there was no hurry,
placing them right and pressing a bit,
to ignite a fire in her,
that warmed her body for him,
but cooled her flames within.
His hand trickled by the waist,
like a river which knew its daily route.
She willingly melted like liquid at his midas touch,
there was no pleasure that matched this feeling as such.
Meanwhile, his lips traced the lines of her neck,
leaving nothing more but a few brief pecks,
and with every part that witnessed his lick,
she couldn’t help but lose her control and flick.
He fought till the end like a man of great desire,
and returned, satisfied with a new kind of fire.
The fire that burned inside him,
made sure she couldn’t feel her limb.
They rolled over and again without an end,
like their bodies were just meant to trend,
Her snaps were the reward of his artsy action,
they became each other’s favourite temptation.
The real magic was deliberately saved for each other,
now that they knew how to smoothly mend one another.

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