Lamprey Poem

The confirmation that blood feuds still exist
lets me know that I can poison your coffee,
gradually like a lamprey, eating your parasites first
then slowly moving on to your important organs.

If you get whatever you want, that’s the end of thinking
about what other people might have done in the ocean.

He shot a guy in the face at lunch for disagreeing;
that’s all it took, and everyone was happy with the service.
He was like a pile of sugar left on the bar in Brazil
that the smartest monkeys take as you look away.

Get rid of what you don’t like, there’s no second-guessing
an orgasm leaving you laughing at your own jokes.

I know you left the gas on in hopes of an accident,
but I’d never turn it off, suck out the zombie virus.
I know you never get your brakes fixed,
and you say you’re broke even though you have the money.

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