Thomas Growing Paines

Tumult will not subside without spectacular market crashes
four year old autistic braggadocio crashing through tinker toys
just as whiny just as erratic just as you knew it growing up
little brainiac nerds will rule the world in awkward underpants

Nothing flatters vanity except for a billion billion downloads
inside baseball games cost a fortune and go on forever innings
mishmash of candy colored buttons pressed and flattened
to stretch and distort, revealing tiny cracks in the welter

Admitting matters were made up just to fit the business plan
jockeying for flashbulb presidential pardons too big to fail
smashing industrial sized broken gravel with hubris boots
into dangerously thin glass reflecting our underdefined utopia

We yawn at the pummeling of bouncing hieroglyphic tiles
wrapping ourselves in warm blankets of familiar colors
squeezing giant wrecking balls with skinny programmer arms
demolishing the creationist dream of America’s only child