Turn and Cough Poem

Look it, I’m part Irish,
and the only embarrassing thing about bareknuckle
still being a thing in the 21st century
is the camera work and picture quality.

It’s that feeling when you look up
at a boring area of your neighborhood,
and you see a tall shadow in the window
of an upstairs room on a night near its expiration date.
It can give you an instant ulcer near your appendix
(even if you’re 17 and can turn and cough properly).

It’s like the innocent mistake of thinking experience
has some equal, absolute value like thinking does,
or calling video production “realisation” on the isles,
or even changing your mind when a dad
who stopped playing accordion only because of fractures
from landing left hooks at odd angles
puts the back of your head into a sandy stone fence
that the city put up to make farms seem around the corner.

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