Here I Sit

A Poem

Jonathan Greene
Dec 8, 2019 · 2 min read
Photo by Anthony Tori on Unsplash

Here I sit
Perplexed and languid
My connection to the world
through a screen
Sorting through messages
from people I know
and people I don’t
wondering if any of it is real

Maybe this is a computer simulation
and I am a sim
but then why can’t they make me
just a couple notches happier?
I mean, why is this my narrative?
The one where I do so much
and receive so little
Or possibly it’s only that I think
that I do too much
and I reject all receipts
because of the pressure

Here I sit
Tired, but well-rested
Confused, but focused
A veritable pigpen of contradictions
Each one standing alone
and not knowing how to integrate
Leaving me in this state
of general unrest

I type words to free my mind
and wonder if they make me feel better
or worse, for having to write them
I touch the surface of emotions
and that’s far enough for me
So I climb back into my shell
and pull the top to bottom
and I remain, upright

Sitting when others are walking
Stagnant when others are moving
Complacent when others are building
Sad when others are happy
Here I sit
the same as yesterday
and the same as the day before
Maybe I’m just a shadow

© Jonathan Greene 2019

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