Creativity Unchained

A poem on the release of creativity on a network level

Aaren Herron
Poetry Playground


Photo by ameenfahmy on Unsplash

At one point
There was a passion
A yearning for the chanting
And a sharing of the joint

We could watch and cheer
Enjoyment with no fear
Topped by an epic celebration
At the start of each year

But the ratings changed
The public waned
Enjoyment came
Only at the presence of drank

Inebriated enhancement
Of a soap with no placement
Chanting for the 1,2,3
Was seldom accepted in your community

But then came a change
Subtle at first
At least until the news bell rang

A victimizing leader
Broken and scattered amongst the wind
Had opened the pathway to change
Scripting the growth of fanatics insane

But the script wouldn’t remain
Save for the outcomes in the ring
Heroes and villains fighting
Adults and children believing

Creativity set free
In a way unseen
Since the last 1990’s

Not for the money
But for you and me
Not for the funny
But for the “Seriously?!?”

Creativity has been set free

It’s no longer TV-PG



Aaren Herron
Poetry Playground

Creative writer working to hone his craft, no longer at the expense of a mental state.