Unplanned Obsolescence

Sliding into home

Derek Reinhard
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2 min readMay 25, 2024


Two skateboarders on a downhill road at a hairpin turn
Photo by Cory Tanner on Unsplash

I found my first
gray hair the day my first
daughter blinked into view.
All uphill from there.

Three girls, four grandkids, and all these
gray hairs later, I peer down the pocked hill
sloping to my demise,
this latest generation’s dinosaur.

The view is hazy, but, oh
so glorious and clear on the way up.
I cannot see the end, my end
I now careen toward
with a howl and holler.

When did I stop whooping?

Downhill, faster…faster!
All is wind and blurred
blurring, my gibbering
body loosening its grip.

Is that a solid wall?
Or a pit, tar-black and Dante-deep?
I find myself daily praying
at least for a wicked-smooth ramp.

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Derek Reinhard
Poetry Playground

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