A champagne poem

La Chrysanthème
Rainbow Salad
Aug 13, 2022


unknown — main source: pinterest / 08

Amoureuse et Amoureux, prendre un verre

This mood calls for a spice of orange
oh, how the sunset takes over
worry not

Wavy volumed curls bounce
laughter spills from this mouth

All my friends wear August so pretty
I see rosé and blu marrying around the titties
beauty really drinks
all these women in

I am sitting across from my view
my tall freak of the bedroom
Mr. Darcy eyes of pleasure

He says I am pretty in white
pretty everywhere

I speak the same language as the moon’s glow
after 7 we meet low
me and every woman you know

Skylights and big dick offices

pour some champagne on me
big, bigger, biggest dreams



La Chrysanthème
Rainbow Salad

Mon dieu. She is a sensitive writer that listens to classical music and sends angry letters.