Rainbow Salad
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Rainbow Salad


Life in Transition

Am I still seen?

Older Australian woman poses in slouch hat with hanging corks
From the camera of Raine Lore — September 17th 2022

Who am I?
This person who looks from a mirror to see
A reflection that others now think of as me.
I wonder, when they glance, do they see who I am?
Or just mother, a wife, a granny, great-gran?

A person transitioned from one phase to another,
A toddler, school-girl — a maiden then lover?

My aging heart still swells with song,
And beats with great longing as life moves along.
Tho’ old, I still soar like a bird on the wing,
A babe of September, born in the spring,

I mentally twirl through tall grasses golden,
Reliving spring joys from days known as olden

Memories buoyed from fragrances drifting
On soft perfumed breezes, caressing, uplifting,
I re-greet the woman, the eternal me,
The creator forever, and ever, I be.

I sit with the soft sun lovingly warming,
Briefly deceived — feel my body transforming.

Transition —
While spring turns to summer, my poet’s heart sighs,
It’s time to do battle with damp heat and flies.
I wilt just a little as dry earth cracks open —
And seasonal flow ebbs, saddened, unspoken.

My time of rebirth retreats with the spring —
Can never explain the depression this brings.

Summer arrives!
It’s time to break out the slouch hat with corks
And listen to yahoos that call me, “Old dork!”
Little cork weapons keep flies from my eyes,
But I have no defence against unwise wise-guys.

And revenge will be mine, as time always passes —
Makes old grumps and hags out of lads and of lasses

Transitioning still:
One day, the young will be old and alone,
Reduced and dried out; withered, aged crones
Not seen for their days of glory and sun,
Now useless, in dotage, their golden days done!

But inside my breast there e’re beats a soldier,
Not beaten, nor broken, just another year older!



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Raine Lore

Raine Lore


Independent author on Amazon, reader, graphic artist and photographer. Dabbling in illustration and animation.