Rainbow Salad
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Rainbow Salad

Poetry of Anxiety, #2

The only cure for anxiety

Photo by Octavio Fossatti on Unsplash

two cures, really

First, sitting, in front of a window

dawning with new light, a mind

calmed and becalmed, calm to the day

forward without pain, this is the first cure.

The second is to pace

to wear a track in whatever floor is available,

wringing the hands and wailing, at the inevitable

inevitable the inevitable demise of all that is here and will be.

Really, aren’t they the same, those cures

given the universe that shrugs and moves on

cold planet after colder planet, galaxy upon galaxies

trading light between them, bidding for attention

See me! I’m here, I’m here and I live

I breathe and I pace, and I live.

You are a star. I see your light, your hiding spark of joy

at the center of all that busy work,

in beauty’s crowd. I see your imperfect irregular

earnest despair. Let the universe go on being.

Be, and sit.



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Jackie Olsen

Jackie Olsen

Come for the insights on aging, leave with a doggie bag full of frogs and exoplanets. Now more poems about vacuuming! she/her/hers