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Sadie Seroxcat
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2 min readJan 30, 2023


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Here at Rainbow Salad we ONLY publish works of poetry and fiction.

If you want to write about poetry and fiction (review essays for example), or other nonfiction subjects, then please do submit your work to my other publication, Counter Arts. You will be warmly welcomed there.

These two pubs are two arms of one entity, so please do consider writing for both!

When writing for/submitting to Rainbow Salad, please keep the following in mind:

  • Do always follow Medium’s rules and guidelines. If you haven’t read these already, please do go and do so now. Before we go any further.
  • All works submitted must be your own and not be published elsewhere. Work self-published here on Medium is acceptable.
  • We will not publish anything racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, hateful or demeaning.
  • We will also not publish any image which contains firearms of any kind.
    If your poem or story involves weaponry (if necessary to the plot) it will most probably be OK, though our editors retain the right to reject.
  • Poetry comes in many shapes and sizes. We accept all of them here. Submissions are judged on the merit and suitability of each individual piece.
  • Fiction can also follow any genre and be of any length.
    However, for work longer than a 6-8 minute read, we respectfully suggest submitting in a serialised format. How you stagger the publication of episodes is entirely up to you.
  • DO NOT plagiarise somebody else’s work!
    This goes for both written pieces (or parts thereof) and images used with them.
    You will most likely be found out at some point.
    You will be banned from this publication (and Counter Arts) immediately.
    The gods and goddesses of Medium will not be happy — and we will inform them.
    Any legal action taken by the actual writer would be up to them, but similar to the last point, they will be informed.

With all that in mind:

Ask us to add you as a writer in a comment to this post.

Alternatively, and with any other queries, contact the publication owner:

Thank you for reading. I’ll be looking forward to reading all of your submissions! Keep safe. Keep well. Keep writing! With love to all— Sadie.



Sadie Seroxcat
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