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Rainbow Salad

Fiction prompt: 100 word micro-fiction drabble

The Breakaways

An unforgiving place to disappear!

The Breakaways, Coober Pedy, South Australia — Photography by Raine Lore

Escaping captivity in Coober Pedy was a badly devised plan. Now, I am weak, parched, and wondering what is going to become of me.

Stealing a secret ride in the tray of a drover’s ute has been my downfall. Suddenly, captivity is preferable to roaming free in this stunning but barren wasteland. Whenever the next person happens by, I’m hitching a ride back to town, to face inevitable imprisonment.

My knees buckle beside a wretched bovine’s carcass. He, too, must have strayed too far from his kind. Will I suffer the same fate; my bones muddled with his, never discovered?

Thanks for this interesting prompt Will Hull

I won’t tag names, but I will encourage anybody that drops by to have a go at writing a fictional Dribble (50 words) or a Drabble (100 words). If you respond to my prompt, please tag me so I don’t miss your story.



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