Rainbow Salad
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Rainbow Salad

The Planets are Sweet and Pungent

Another poem about a god

Colorful planets on a black background
Photo by David Menidrey on Unsplash

The planets, she said

They prove there is a god.

Not just any god — she said, the god

Of planets.

She tilted her head, like the rolling and yawing

Sideways, tilted and curved, red

And orange, white and blue planets.

They host the greatest of sandstorms that blow

Endlessly slipping over a surface of

Gases. Only gases, nothing more –

Drop a penny through and it comes out

The other end, intact, if burnished

By endless, endless clouds of sulphurous

Belching muck. She said

They parried and thrusted

At one point in their history, or so say the scientists

With their white coats and exposed wire

Sculptures sent aluminum-plated to space

Space is sweet, it is tart and sweet and cinnamon infused

And nothing, too, more nothing than anything

Subject to gravity you can’t imagine, given

Your small existence on this floor, this now

And this here, this tremendous accident

Several billion years back in your backyard.



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Jackie Olsen

Jackie Olsen

Come for the insights on aging, leave with a doggie bag full of frogs and exoplanets. Now more poems about vacuuming! she/her/hers