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Rainbow Salad


A poem

A eight panel, lift up, rectangular wide but square shaped window glowing with incoming light into a darker space impeding seeing outside from the distance the picture is taken. The walls are scrapped and peeling of paint and wall sections; with the left side we are facing exposed brick.
(Photo by Tom Roberts on Unsplash)


The amount given
Never feels like enough;
But, we never know
How much is left.
All the while,
Most are wishing,
They had more

Ever wishing,
Ever hoping,
All in futility.
For those who stay,
Locked in their present
Looking back
Into their past,
Time continues
Moving forward
All protests.

Though they resist,
There they will waste;
Aged and getting older,
Moment by moment,
Missed opportunities
Continually added
To their pile of
Past regrets.

The spoken wisdom,
By those from before,
Advising us to
Look forward,
Falls upon ears unwilling to
Listen. Because
Right now is all you have;
Then it is gone, and soon
Is just ahead.

Though for some
This might be
The end.

— The Why —

Time. A subject that many will see as expendable until they realize there are only a few moments left. Of these many, most will struggle and protest against their forced progression to the finish line; but, again, just another waste.

No matter what protest we make attempting to fix moments in our past, live in the now; for any time invested in the past only accumulates wasted time already passed.

This poem was inspired by the poem Cold Summer by Charles Bukowski. That poem can be found below.

Be well, my friends.

— MT

— Music Tea —

This poems recommended music tea is:

Title: Stay Alive | The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

By: Jose Gonzalez



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