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Work Warriors: Choose Your Position

A… is this a poem? by Moony Thinker

Two office dressed women wearing suit clothing in an office while also wear cloth-white masks over their faces.
Photo by Mindspace Studio on Unsplash

Welcome Office Warriors!

Join us for another stationery adventure through the sea of cubicles and lost dreams. Please, read below and choose your warrior class for another meeting that could have been an email.

“Good morning everyone!”
Back to the grind…
“Today, our goal is to build better communication amongst our team!”
Why do I even try… they don’t care either.
“Remember: team plus work equals — teamwork!”
Bunch of HR horseshit; but, I am paid enough to silence my opinions.

“Another great day to get work done!”
It’s a job; it pays. Just do the minimum required until the weekend.
“Ha-ha! Good one, Karen! Paper sure is important for a printer.”
Fake smiles go a long way, around here.

Freedom is so close;
Getting closer, almost there.
A few more bullshit hours
Wasted here with these people;
Then the weekend!
For a little while…

“Everybody’s working for the weekend, right?!”

When I was a kid, I wanted to be something great…
“Thirsty Thursday is tonight, guys!”
Keep faking happy; you’re doing great…
“Going to get my drink on — CHOO-CHOO!”
Soon, another Friday;
Then, another week of my life

“Work, work, work.”
Workaholic, is what everyone thinks of me,
but what else can I do?
They expect this of me,
I must do what is expected.

“Work, work, work!”

“Sure, I can do that… too.”
Hopefully, they will see I can’t.
“No worries; I have the bandwidth for that, also.”
Please stop, please…
“Yeah, that makes sense; I’ll be their backup.”
I hope a future heart attack comes sooner
Rather than later…

“Retirement, just around the corner!”
I probably won’t be able to enjoy it long…
“A break well deserved! So many hours put in.”
Don’t worry everyone… we’ll all meet again, soon enough.
“Retirement comes for all of us, soon enough.”

I do it for money… — The Manager
They pay me to do the minimum. — The Regular Serf
Though brief, at least it is something. — The Short Term Planner
Dreams are for sleeping… just forget them. — The Lost Dreamer
This is ok, this is ok… I am ok, this is ok. — The Stockholm Syndrome Captive
I wish they would stop asking me. — The Abused
At least it will all be over, soon enough… — The Next to Die

I have no clue what this format of writing is called, so please excuse me if it is something other than a poem. Sometimes, we just need to write about our life experiences through experimental works, and Work Warriors: Choose Your Position is exactly that.

Throughout my life, I have worked at farms, restaurants, retail, and offices. Each work environment has its own set of reoccurring personalities, and with offices I have found that the personalities listed in this piece seem to be the most common at each office I have worked.

Everyone everywhere is wearing a theater mask. They share on the outside what is expected of them in a warrior class they feel most comfortable in but on the inside they are wasting away and, saddest of all, they are aware of it.

If I can provide any advice from this piece to the audience it is this: break the cycle; this is not a healthy way to be. Fakes smiles and false truths are not the correct ways we should be living.

Be well, my friends.

— MT

Hey my friends!

I am starting another art project. This one is focusing on artists of all kinds where I interview them. I plan to make a series of these interviews and to call them collectively Dreaming While Awake. The point of these interviews is to better understand the artist’s focus, discipline methods, hopes, dreams, projects, and what they are moving towards.

For those interested, please reach out to me through one of my various connections shared in my LinkTree down below!


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