Today I will kiss you from the top of your head

to the tips of your toes,

a journey in almost suspended animation,

time swaying, bending and dilly dallying

to accommodate my insatiable hunger.


I will linger long on your forehead

to calm those thoughts

that run around like wild horses,

your eyelids too

to blow away any unpleasant images.


In the nape of your neck I will lose myself,

your hands will have to turn into a search party

to pull me round to your lips,

and then, my beloved, it will take your wild horses

to tug me away from your mouth.


Tugged away from your lips, I find solace on your neck,

lingering in a delightful delirium

until your turn your back to me, and

I am overwhelmed by its contoured expanse

and two dimples crying out for attention.


Lower down, two orbs dominate my galaxy,

with gentle bites and wide-mouthed kisses

I pay my homage in full, past legs

to soles begging to be kneaded,

and this I do readily.


I turn you around, and you pull my face up by scant hairs

and demand a tribute to your breasts,

which I pay willingly,

with gentle strokes, twists, tweaks and twirls and a hungry mouth

that, like you, cannot get enough; but, southward I must go.


But, to delay the inevitable pinnacle,

I follow arms to delectable fingers craving

their tithe or more and pause for a snack.

A navel upon its soft mound

beckons my thirst like a mountain lake.


Circumventing the core, I navigate thighs

slip down shins, kiss feet, and nibble toes,

before addressing the hidden throne of throes

woken by my attention to

your topographical details galore.

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