And so it is done.

Sasha Freedmind @ Unsplash

I’m done.

Six months of waiting and wondering
Six long months of hoping and wanting

It’s time to move on.

How I did want…
The promise of you was worth it to me
But my promise was not one you could see

I waited. And waited.
With patient understanding.
I waited and believed
That soon you’d come to me.

In truth, that wasn’t your desire
You wanted something else… 
Something I cannot provide.
You wanted your freedom
With me in a cage
A one sided giving
A one sided slave

The giving, the taking 
It needs to be mutual
That’s where the value is
That’s where there’s truth

Giving, receiving
Respect and courtesy
Or it is all, in fact…?
Worth nothing at all…

I can’t do this, what you want from me
Not anymore
I’ve given and given
I’m done with the waiting
You wanted me maybe
You waited too long…

Edit: This story originally appeared in the publication “Thoughts and Ideas” and I was quite happy to leave it there, until I was just now informed, without any cause that I’m aware of, or notice of said action pending, that I’d been removed as a writer. Well, if that’s the case? And that’s how I am to be treated? Then I’m just sick and cranky enough right now to say that I no longer care to house any of my work there. That ain’t how I roll, yo… And, if’n ya ain’t noticed..? Might wanna get that vision checked… Just sayin’…