Ambergris Caye. Photo Credit: Mine 😽


H&H: Eleven Countries and Two Continents, 2/11

I've placed my hand in his as we sit here together, 
still lazing in bed,
writing, reading, sharing a blushing glow.

His finger rhythmically strokes my hand as he holds it.
I glance aside at him,
but he’s lost in thought
the caress as natural to him as breathing.

This makes me close my eyes,
dizzy with smiles.

He kissed me to sleep last night,
like a sugar-sweet once upon a time,
gently, sweetly.

Here in this island paradise, 
as night wrapped us in a cloak made for two,
my eyes too heavy to stay open,
he kissed me,
gently, sweetly.

This morning, as he lay sleeping,
I woke him with kisses,
craving a turn-about,
last night fresh in my mind.

I kissed him awake, his strong lips softened in sleep,
his eyes barely opened yet.
Roused now, his arms encircling me,
he pressed his lips back against mine,
sweetly hungry,
I wanted to fill my mouth with him.

Rain fell on the roof of our bungalow in mesmerising taps,
the smell of clean wet waters surrounding us
as he lay me bare,
kissing my belly, rib to hip.
I shivered like a blade of grass in the breeze,
breathlessly whispering please don’t stop.

In our bed
we said
good morning,
without a need for words,
as slowly, sweetly
he pressed against me,
my legs grasping in return,
and through it all he continued to kiss me,
gently, sweetly.

I trembled,
my senses overwhelmed from both ends.

The island, the rain, the bed,
the warm feel of him inside me still moving through my body in faint waves.

My morning was made of this.

I wanted to bury my face in him,
breathe the scent of his faded fragrance mixed with his sweat.
I wanted to wear it on me, cling to it, smell it all over me.

He returned to me, drenched from the rain,
but bearing coffees.

I kissed his rain-soaked skin as I undressed him
(blushing all the while and demanding a towel),
then pulled him into bed with me
where he continues to draw his finger across my hand,
back and forth,
sweetly, gently,
an affection so genuine it needs no conscious direction.

I feel myself melting,
unable to stop my line of thought,
so I surrender and lay my head against his shoulder.

He kisses my head,
lifts my face with a finger under my chin,
sweetly, gently,
and kisses my mouth, long and deep.

This closeness is all I need right now.

…and those coffees, of course.

This is a collaboration between Heath and Hannah as they attempt to kiss their way across eleven countries and two continents. This is part 2 of 11.

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