CCO… a damsel

Dragons & Damsels

A Cautionary Tale

Slaying these dragons ain’t such a quest,
except for their innards a-makin’ a mess.
So, tell me young lad of these tales that I hear
of poor pretty damsels in distress and fear?
I’ve wandered this country wide and far
but I’ve seen none of these pretty’s.
So say quickly young fella or I’ll take your ‘ead
d’ya keep all of these pretty’s under your bed?

Sorry, old fella- ya ain’t getting no ladies faire here!

I can assure ye olde chap for I’ve seen none I fear.

But since yer so busy with yer swagger and ale

I’ve got sumthin’ to tell ye that may make ye pale.

Cuz while ye’ve been pissin’ and struttin’ about

There’s now at your backbone, something no doubt

That will make ye tremble and drop to your knees.

There’s only one thing My dragon can appease~

The bloodlust I crave from playing maidens so fine

As they wait for me now, and yes~ they’re all mine!

Like it or not, it’s mine.❤ Thanks for letting me share with some of you absitively, posilutely, wonderfully talented writers.

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