Fill me Up

Buttercup, photo courtesy of Pixabay

Even before that first sound
Was uttered from those savory,
Bow tie lips
I fell in headfirst

Cavorting through your cadence,
Words collect in white-speckled pottery
Labelled trust, and imagination
Piercing me with your deliverance

Another side hasn’t been located,
Since I’m locked into our conundrum
Of simplicity and labyrinths
Filled with our pauses, both

Deliberate and unintended
Moments when all…thoughts…vanish
Into the espresso of your eyes,
Melted perspiration at your back

Wafts a hint of your nerves
Created right where, exactly where
I want to move in
Packing my mind, suitcases
Leaf through your bookshelf

My smile flowered 
When you called me
A kiss, and time erased
Years of anything I held dear

Pale shadows of our hourglass
Tipped, when lips graced forehead
I spilled over

Your buttercup,
Brimming full of you, 
My eternal apéritif.

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