Credit: Blogger


I’m a cumulus,
moist with desire
He’s a nimbus,
bulging with lust;
we rise ever higher
beckoning the other
with flashes of fulgent light:
Our mating call.

When he rams into me,
I take all of him
and we fuse as one
into a supercloud.

Together we are

Our passion arouses the sphere,
releasing torrents of rain
and pellets of hail
that pound the yielding earth.

The storm surrounds us
while the tempest within churns

Till we erupt again and again
in thunderous climaxes
that shake the firmament
to its very core.

When the fulguration begins,
bolts of pure plasma
discharge from our fusion
and strike the desert below;
the dunes howl, petrified
as our seed melds with its sand,
morphing it into fulgurite
which will birth lustrous gems —

Nature begets nature…

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