Lago de Yojoa, by Hannah


H&H: Eleven Countries and Two Continents, 5/11

You, there,
so incandescently beautiful,
blindingly lovely,
smiling straight into my heart,
it turns me around inside
until nothing exists but you,
and this place.

I could stay here
in this hidden lake paradise
we find ourselves;
I could stay here with you,
ringed in rain forest,
howling monkeys,
birds of all colors,
where the flowers grow
in a wild cacophony of color,
and failing,
to outshine you.

Lago de Yojoa,
this will always be the place
where I faced the truth
that I’ve fallen for you,
where I stopped being afraid
of what may or may not come,
where I kissed you
under a verdant canopy sky,
droplets of sweat from my nose
mixing with yours,
the taste of my tongue
mingling with the sweet honey of yours.

I pretend this is where we’ll stay,
not the place we’ll leave, 
if only for a few perfect moments,
long enough to look at you
looking at me,
without the weight of impending days,
and smile,
dreaming an impossible dream,
just us,
just this.

I could stay here with you
and be happy.

This is a collaboration between Heath and Hannah as they attempt to kiss their way across eleven countries and two continents. This is part 5 of 11.

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