I want to be wrong for you.

A title that I misread.

I want to be wrong for you
I want your hands to tremble
As they touch my skin
I want your lips to quiver
When you whisper my name.
I want to be that one person
The one that you never forget
I want to be the love that breaks you
The one you wish that you
Had never lost.

I want to be wrong for you
But I don’t want to hurt you
I want you to need me
I want you to desire me
Every day, every moment
I want to love you but
I can’t let you in, so my love,
I want to be wrong for you.

I want you to move in
To share my bed and my shower
I want you to push me out of bed
Only to fall on top of me
deeply, passionately.
I want you to wake me
With your lips between my legs
To interrupt my shower
With your fingers inside me.
But, I want to be wrong for you.

I want you to leave me quickly
Your heart bleeding because
You love me but can’t stay.
I want you to yell and tell me
How terrible my love really is
I want you to pack your bags
And slam the door behind you
I want to be wrong for you

Because I am too afraid to be
Right for you.

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