If I could define you…


Your skin reminds me of sunsets in desert winds, 
The parting sky painting my past, present, and future, 
The air and heat, wetness and luster, 
All created by the ultimate artist,
Just to be marveled upon by your unworthy subjects,

Your eyes are like honey,
Amber orbs dripping with passion,
Their hue changes the seasons,
Lacquer drops of nectar,
Twinkling like soft stars in the night sky,

Your love is like the open sea,
Every mile gleaming in light,
The secrets of life submerged and revealed,
The keeper of great beasts who rule the fervent currents,

Your sex is like Arabian nights,
Unveiled magic and rich treasures,
Fantasy in the flesh,
Your heat soaking me to the bone,
Making my heart burn in golden embers,

You are my Sultana,
To whom my loyalty truly belongs,
The ruler of my sacred heart,
The source of my wisdom and inspiration,

I not only love you,
I live you,
My better half,
My double-edged sword,
The yin to my yang,
My true nature,

Without you I am but a grain of sand in the desert,
A morsel of salt in the sea,
Paved among restless streets and pouring rain,

If I had the power,
I would carve your face in the sky,
I would etch your curves in the wind,
Leaving the world just as breathless as I at the glimpse of your beauty,

My love,
To you does my heart, mind, and body belong,
Your precious mark in permanence on my skin,
Our souls bound together to form the eminence of desire,

The end of days could come and in your arms I will stay,
It is there that I belong,
It is the only place in the world my heart beats in peace,
You are my true home.

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