My Last Three Days

These last three days
wrapped, as they were,
in breathless anticipation
and wet-lipped expectation,
sailed my fingers out
into a sea of you,
warm waters and white beaches,
my eyes, your skin,
I have floated in.

These last three days
wrapped, as I was,
in the feel of you
the sound of you
the smell of you
the taste of you — 
kissing you awake,
kissing me awake…
I didn’t exaggerate when I told you
my darling, my love, I am in heaven here.

These last three days
wrapped, as you’ve been,
in bands of wandering kisses,
the brush of my longing lips
upon your flushing skin,
sweeter than any honey,
your hands in my hair — 
there is no inch of you
I would leave untouched,
no skin unkissed.

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