Night Heaven

Image from Pixabay

Memories of you
ghost across the surface
of the luminous moon,
pouring its silver rays
of gentle gaze upon 
my thoughtful face: —

are you seeing
the same view
like I do
across the night sky?

Yet I hold pieces
of our jigsaw love,
pieces failing to fit
and pieces coming
together with
an audible click; —

are you having
the same doubts
like I do
in the vast night sky?

So I turn my back
against the night heaven,
your innocent seduction
to find another source
of solace in my dark
haunted dreams; —

are you catching
the same glimpse
of my back
behind your eyelids too?

There is no escape
from myself to you,
from my heart to yours,
Shall I give in then?
Give myself up to you?