No Hands

My skin sweetly aching,
My breath yours for the taking,
My hands gripping your hair for dear life,

Trying to hold on as my body quivers,
The gentle press of your lips on mine,

Your tongue in my mouth,
Made of rose and silver,

Yes, this is the touch that I crave,

I yearn for it,
I beg for it,
I plead for closeness,
I pray for presses,

I want no air between us,
No breeze to cool the flame,

I want your heart thumping on my chest,
Until our beats are one in the same,

I feel you,
On me,
In me,
Around me,
Haunting me,
What bliss is this,

Nothing else matters but this defining moment,
The feel of your skin on mine,

Wet slides and pounding pressure,
Your waist held tight by my thighs,

Wrapped like a belt,
Strapped for a ride,

The kind no amateur could handle,
Only skilled backs could bend this way,

Fierce stares,
Flowing hair,
Desperate breath,

Yes, this is the touch that I crave,

I yearn for it,
I beg for it,
I need it,
I need you,
I want it,
I want you,

I want your soft caress,
I want your rough slaps,

Take me and anoint me in Eros,
Touch me like it’s the first and last time,

Love me like I’m the only one,
Fuck me like I owe you my life,

Yes, this is the touch I want,

The deathless death worth crying for,
The sweet escape worth running for,
There is and never will be anyone else,
that can touch me the way you do…
with no hands.

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