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Letter sent on Aug 30

Poetry Under Cover Prompt #2

A Call for Submissions!

Calling all current PUC writers and any readers who want to try their hand at writing!

This is another General prompt. I want you to write a poem about:



tip of a finger
flick of your tongue
a whispered caress
that simplest of things
deepest of cravings
bring to me
that simplest pleasure
that only comes
whenever I feel
your touch

Tell me… What does the word “Touch” make you think of..? Long for..? Give me your thoughts on touching someone you love, lust after, feel passionately for, desperately desire… Someone whose touch you crave… It can be as long or as short as you wish. Tell me… I want to know…

If you are already a writer, please follow your usual procedures and submit all entries as a draft, so that we can get you featured on the home page. If you are not currently a writer for Poetry Under Cover and you’d like to be so you can participate, please either reply to this story to let us know, or send a love note to: poetry.under.cover@gmail.com and we’ll get you added right away.

We will be publishing your submissions this week and make a nice neat little summary on Tuesday, September 5th of all of the entries, so they’re easy to find.

This prompt starts immediately today, August 28, 2017, and will be open until Monday September 4, 2017. We will stop taking submissions for this prompt at 23:59 UTC (19:59 for me, Eastern US time).

Please tag all entries:

Touch Prompt and Poetry

We’ll pick our Favorite, by Editor vote, and a Runner-Up.

The Favorite will get a special place on the front page of Poetry Under Cover (until the next prompt is finished), while both the Favorite and the Runner-Up will have their poems listed individually under the new Prompt Tab and will receive special mention in all active Poetry Under Cover social media presences.


What are you waiting for??

Let’s go!

Happy Writing!!

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