It’s what’s for dinner.

Prompt #2 — Touch

September 5, 2017

I gotta say… This has been an amazing response to the prompt. And I’m lovin every single second of it! Thank you ALL for your amazing words, your enthusiasm, and your incredible talents. I am awed. Truly awed.

[Heath, here, popping in to second that! It was incredibly hard to choose and we were left feeling a bit guilty about the 2 spots considering several absolute stand outs here. Be very proud of your work!]

We gotta do this again… And SOON!!

All entries, in no particular order:

Abby O. Akoto:

Heath Houston:

Giulia Listo:



Debbie Aruta:

muppidi Sreeja:

— A double!!
Indira Reddy:

Indira Reddy:


Anthony Cloe Huie:

Kent Wallace:

Indu KS:

Anto Rinish:

Harper Thorpe: with Eva Longoria as reinforcement!!

Shipra Gupta:

Fabian A.:


Alexandra Ponca Stock:

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