They said our love was not meant to be,
they said our stars are misaligned
because I’m a Sagittarius
and you’re a Leo
they said our love was ill-fated
like Tristan and Isolde,
Layla and Majnun

They said like Paris and Helen
we’d doom the Troy of our time,
they said like Lancelot and Guinevere
we’d fell the Camelot of our time,
they said our love was Mount Vesuvius
we’d decimate the Pompeii of our time

But we mocked them all.

We told the soothsayers
to choke on their sooth,
the stargazers on their astrolabes,
the sibyls on their prophecies,
the shamans on their cowries
and the augurs on their omens

We even coupled beneath the stars
to dare them to do their worst

And they did.

When our three cherubs,
perfect in every way,
were born still
we knew:

Our love would bear dead fruit
our offspring destined to die
even before conceived,
my womb their tomb

Overcome with sorrow,
we had no choice but to concede
we’d loved and lost
so we parleyed with our stars,
bargained for one last night

Tomorrow they could rip us apart
but tonight belonged to us,
no one would take it away

I lost count of how many times
we made love that night,
but I remember it was

Grief fused with passion,
we mourned the only way we knew;
we tore at each other,
two feral beasts consumed with need
your teeth in my shoulder
my nails across your back
we branded each other that night

We froze time with fevered kisses
so we could memorize it all:
every sigh, every groan
every gasp, every moan
you traced all my curves,
my nooks and crannies
I recorded every thrust,
every thump of your heart 
beating my name

We amassed a treasure trove
of warm memories
for when the icy winds
of heartache blew

I stared deep into your eyes,
I needed you to see 
what you were doing to me
reflected back at you
I saw in your eyes
dazzling displays of aurora lights
dancing to the rhythm of our love

I held you close as you buried 
pieces of your soul inside me,
I milked you for all you had

In your tortured expression,
I read the question 
burning within:

How is something
this beautiful,
this true,
this real
not meant to be?

No answer came forth
so we crammed a lifetime
into a single night

When day broke,
a shard pierced my chest
and my heart bled;
as you walked away forever
my heart pled:

Before you leave,
turn and look at me 
one last time;
wrap around me 
that ardent gaze
which makes me feel 
like I’ll be okay

Before you leave,
taste my name 
one last time;
roll it on your tongue 
like fine wine,
say it with longing 
like a fervent prayer

But you didn’t
for we both knew if you did
you’d never be able to leave
you’d take me in your arms
and never let go,
our stars be damned.

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