The reason I fell for you

Most of the girls whom I have seen 
Try to trap guys with a subtle ploy; 
They would use every kind of screen, 
Brazen one moment, the next, coy.

You’re the first girl I have known 
Who didn’t stoop to tricks;
You have a charm your very own — 
You have no faults that make one sick.

That’s the reason I fell for you — 
I, who escaped a dozen snares;
So this time the feeling is true:
It’s of false feelings that I’m scared.

It was fate, it had to happen — 
There you were, a delicate flow’r, 
Your heart showing, petals open — 
And I was captured by its pow’r.

A honey-bird drawn to a bloom,
I could not but obey your call, 
Drunk on the wine of your perfume: 
For once, eager to be in thrall.

Innocence outweighs all knowledge: 
You can’t do wrong, of that I’m sure; 
You’ve made me turn to a new page — 
My love for you has made me pure.