The Touch of Our Humanity

My Photo, Taken in Florence, Italy

I touch humanity 
with all of me every day
I touch the tools of my trade in an unselfish way
I touch the materials in my hive 
creatively solving the problems of other people’s lives
I touch their issues and challenges 
their luxuries and needs 
I touch their minds 
I touch their world as they travel among the weeds

I touch you 
for my humanity
I touch your neck behind your ears
I touch the swale in the small of your back that collects my tears
I touch the smell of your skin
the curves of your chin
I touch the taste of your seductive lips
the softness of your thighs and the curves of your hips
I touch the flavors of your mind 
I touch your thoughts as we combine
I touch all of you with all of me 
I touch you for me

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