Touch: Doing the Dishes


Alone with the maid, my wife’s not at home
Yes, I confess it’s exciting to roam
Looking so good, she wears just an apron
Scantily dressed for lust with her patron

Facing the window, sink full of dishes
Calmly waits to fulfill all my wishes
Her skin soft and smooth, I so want to touch
Excitement building, for both, not too much

She turns from her chores, they’ll just have to wait
Our time may be short in this sinful state
Stare into her eyes, the apron’s removed
Her costume is gone, the scene much improved

She wonders out loud, do I mean business
I notice the dog, don’t need a witness
I let the dog out, then let myself in
I almost forget, this is my wife’s twin

The dishes now done (yes, I skipped a verse)
Next we’ll play doctor, wife dressed as a nurse
Humor and fantasy add to the fun
Satisfied? Hope so. Erotica done!

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