Unbroken Melodies

Photo courtesy of unsplash

Placing your hands on me
in ways familiar but unknown
finding the small of my back
tucking me in
to you
Over my broken staccato
with insider information
I won’t I can’t I don’t
I try…my faulty defenses
but I do

The curve of my neck
begs a taste, eyes flash
finger twirls hair while
I watch my own eyelashes
High on their own
green haze from heady spring
doesn’t begin to compete
with that grin

I tell you
It’s too late
you were never good at listening

You tell me 
how my eyes say yes
my lips move in slow motion

Since your invite
Is in each
flick of my tongue
every time I press my lips
a little tighter
eyes narrowing

Every downward glance
the casual touch of my hand
to your arm
my fingers press gently
playing on you
in tune

Our song

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