A poem

To Complain Or To Embrace The Pain

A poem on comparison, the dilemma of “Instagram life”

Neha Sonney
Sep 24 · 1 min read
Image Source Piqsels.com

I don’t post pretty pictures
On social media.
It gives people
The wrong idea

That everything is
Perfect in my life.
Well, nothing’s further from truth.
It’s like walking on the edge of a knife

Which means I’ll cut myself
And sometimes I’ll bruise.
Just like you, I wonder
What’s the use…

Of living a life like this?
Why am I taking the piss?
I’m in pain all the time
For no reason or rhyme.

Why don’t I write a song
That soothes a soul or two?
Pain is just the same
For me and for you

But it’s not what happens to you that counts
It’s the summits we must mount
Despite all the pain and the fear.
That’s what life is about, my dear.

Thank you for reading. If reading this poem made you laugh and rethink, you might like my other poems that don’t stink. If you like my style of description, my medium page is open for subscription.

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