10 Reasons to Read PoetsUnlimited

  1. It’s The World’s Best Daily 
    The most popular daily poetry magazine, in print or in pixels, in the whole wide world. At least, I haven’t been able to find another daily magazine of just poems, so the claim seems legit.
  2. It’s Economical
    The verbs are half price, and for every noun you buy, you get one free. Most poems come with a coupon for a free poem redeemable the next day.
  3. It’s Diverse
    We have contributing poets from every continent, except Antarctica, where the penguins are having trouble with their WiFi
  4. Your Ad Blocker Works Fine
     You’ll notice that your ad blocker is working great on the site. Nary a single ad will get through.
     (Those without ad blockers are also noticing this).
  5. Breadth of Skills
    Works of both polished masters of nuance and subtlety as well as hit-you-over-the-head literalists delivering simple insights into life. There is beauty in watching a new poet develop, and a seasoned one ply their craft. Click the ‘like’ hearts and show them some love.
  6. Wealth Breeds Wealth
    The contributing poets are all fabulously wealthy, and include get-rich-quick advice encoded into every poem.
  7. Illustrated Words
    Medium’s very visual presentation encourages a nice interplay between the words our poets write, and the image they choose to accompany them.
  8. It’s Popular -Everyone Is Doing It.
    We’re growing fast, with more than 14,000 subscribers tuning in, and more than 30,000 poem-reads every month. 
    [edit: lately 42k subscribers and 51k poem-reads!]
  9. Sheer Word Power
    Don’t like a poem? Take a look at the next one. With more than 300 poets contributing, the combined word-smithing power is equal to a small nuclear reactor.
  10. You Might Miss Something
    If you don’t read today’s poems, they’ll scroll down the page, and pretty soon you’ll have to use your mouse to click (or finger to tap) a few times to get to the ones you’ve missed. It’s exhausting work — you’d best save yourself the effort and read them as they show up. Check it out now!
    [Don’t miss the 5Faves tab at top of the home page for some notables]