6-Legged Mini Illumination Machines Are Not Stars But They Might as Well Be

Next to you

In the love seat at the rear

Of the 5-person combustion wagon

No one in the captain’s chair except air

No smell but the captivate in your hair

Not enough time to breathe the moment’s deepness

Not enough line tension to pull you in

My meekness is winning at the expense of my completeness

Endless ideas to keep me sleepless for months

Smile and laugh and lips taunts

Neck and thighs and hips want

More than my courageousness can muster

Hold my breath

Hope I get another chance

Night near finish

It’s been amazing but I might feel regret

Everything I wanted to do, I didn’t

Start to feel diminished

I turn and stare through the glass wall

See a million fireflies looking like stars

Let the gasp be the fuel for my intentions

Turn back to you

Take your hand

And kiss it