a bizarre reflection

In lonely nights thoughts bleed,

fervent whispers from veins deep.

Dark clouds hang overhead,

after-hours of hearts fractured.

Sweat rains from canopies above,

huge umbrellas shield our sanity,

as throbs from within cages echo.

Lost in mind motion, ghosts on eternity’s train tracks.

In lonely nights thoughts collide, the walls of existence choke.

Air becomes still, murmur between breaths escape,

as lips part in silence acquiesce.

In silence we self listen, echoes of thousand thoughts.

Clothed in fog, misty sounds and wispy air,

broken rhapsodies in midnight strew.

In lonesome nights sighs escape cracked lips.

Shoulders hunched, fists clenched, heavy steps drag.

Poker-faced stares, Celsius scaled smiles,

we lost in city madness,

a parade of the bizarre.