A Cup of Tea


Tea cup
Tea cup with sugar
Tea cup with sugar and milk
Gimme a tea cup
Gimme a tea cup and tell me a story

A story of a knight and a princess
A story of horses, swords and spears
Of mountains so high
That they touch the sky
Castles, dungeons and dragons
A little hint of magic

Let’s drink a cup or two
Under the evening setting sun
Overseeing the ocean waves make noise
Swirling and dashing against the rocks
On the sandy beaches

While you tell me your story, rather
May be it is more interesting than knights on horses
Are you a princess in your story
Or a damsel in distress
Awaiting for your prince to come
Yielding sword and slaying dragons

They say it is very common in London
To serve buiscuits with tea
Do you have some buiscuits?
May be a piece of cake?
Chocolate, cream and hazelnuts

Oh, you fought your own demons!
That might have taken a lot of courage
Were you on a horse? No?
Still you managed to take a leap of faith?
Wonderful, then, you are a princess
In your own story

It makes you forget all the troubles
Aromatic, lightly sweet and dark
Honey, Camommille, Earl grey
A lot of ’em, there are
Pick your poison

A bruise on the knee, a drop of blood
Sweat on the forehead but glory in the eyes
Standing at the edge of the mountain
Looking down, upon the world you won
That’s how real stories are
Like your’s, you deserve this cup of tea

Gimme a tea cup
Hold my hand and stare at the sun setting
You deserve this view
Relax while the sea soothes your feet
Gimme a tea cup
Gimme a tea cup and tell me another story