A Curmudgeon on Social Media

I sit with my tablet on my lap
Tap tap tap and another tap
That’s all I hear, when we talk
At your words, I can only gawk
I just click like to approve this crap

You come at me in virtual slang
I see your words and I say dang
With BFF and OMG as your mode
WTF is your code?
You reply, BRB and you leave me hang

My mind is spinning when we’re done
My frustration is all you’ve spun
LOL and a smiley face
Makes me feel like a big disgrace
This internet thing just ain’t fun

With this code, I can only say,
WTF kind of game do you play
Never been hugged by an emoticon
An emoji, to me, you bestowed upon
So CYL because I’ve had enough for the day!

Patsy, 2017

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