A hero, again.

Climbing up from the abyss
Of my finicky fickle pain
And I rise from the ashes
Of my immolated brain.

I feel spry and alive
Dancing in the rain
I let my laughter escape
And now it’s mine again.
I can no longer hear the voices
That used to put me down
I’m done not making my choices
I’m seizing back my crown.

I’m going to be the hero again
In the story of my life
No more being depressed-
That’s like having a nagging wife.
I don’t care what did it.
It happened out of the blue.
I’m finally free of my torment.
How? I don’t have a clue.

I used to sit on the sidelines
And watch as life passed me by.
No more of that crap
I’m taking back what’s mine!

I’ve been the villain so long
I almost forgot what to do
I’m casting off that role
Of playing it I’m through!

Everybody watch out
I don’t need another sign
Because I’m going to be the hero again
In the story of my life!

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