A Journey


There was a sense of stupor
as she finally laid down on a boat
going over the day’s eerie splendor
while her world, still uncertainly floats
hoping to reach the promised unknown shore.

She was nervous, her body became frailed
the ocean’s cold breezy front made her shiver
against all odds, her escape prevailed 
running within wildfires and split mirrors
dreams of a nation, by war, derailed.

Out of breath near the dark corner 
she opened her eyes to assuage dizziness
stars shining in the sky, too tired to say her prayers
but, in her, gratefulness followed by tenderness 
penetrated her heart like a strong ominous dagger.

Few days later, awaken by the brilliant sun
she heard the happy cries of the people on board
suddenly remembering the past smiles, the lost fun
while the captain announces with all his voice’s chord 
that they have arrived to where misery is gone.