A Life with you

dreaming of a life with you.
A life far away in the woods.

In a house,
made of more love than bricks.
Filled with alluring fragrance
of the flowers that we hand-pick.

Adjacent to,
a forest humming with exotic life.
Crooning and murmuring that would
continue for each day and every night.

Looking over,
a burbling turquoise-blue stream.
Humming the songs of eternal calmness
as it dribbles through the grey stones.

In the coolness,
that comes only with the mountain winds.
Refreshing and rejuvenating as it rustles
through our clothes and the window blinds.

Under the sky,
mottled with millions of twinkling stars.
Arranged in patterns, that we would name
as if they were children; children of ours.

And in such a place, we would live
each moment as if it was a lifetime.
Sitting by the river, holding hands alone
would make us fall in love, again and again.

In midst of such beauty and freshness
we would never be stranded, never alone.
In spite being far away from everyone
we would always be together, always at home.

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