A Mind on Fire

Photo Credit — Me! The Shard London as seen from Cross Bones Garden

My mind's blazing

With all the possibilities,

Feels amazing

Like there's some kind of unstoppability,

And momentum's building

Like all the blanks got filled in,

Now I see the picture completed

And see all my demons defeated

Rose to the challenge and completed this feat. It

Seemed like the world was spinning too fast

Like the world was pinning me to some dark past,

But the dark passed

No longer this outcast

I'm planning to outlast

So naysayers get out fast

Taken my soul to the peak

And all these rhymes that I speak

Are birthed from a mind that's on fire

A mind that aims higher

A mind that won't tire

Of spitting knowledge and truth

You want to test this? Here's your proof

Aarish Shah — Find my most popular poems here and here

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