A Neighborhood in My Train

Whistling like a Boss, roaring like a tiger

Floating amidst the steamy clouds

Elegantly walking away was my train

Is it a dream or a grand reception?

I thought while carefully running down the stairs

And there it goes, swiftly passing away my coach

And I could only gaze at her in astonishment

Run, Run you Sir

Shouted the coolie

Running I was, holding my legs in mouth

Alas! I was holding the rail of my dream

I slowly sank in my seat

Still awestruck by the beauty of the train

The crackling sound of track mixed with the occasional whistle

It was as if the love is brewing amidst the hustle bustle

Soon, the journey started

And so did the chain of vendors

Sounds from vendors selling hot tea, chips and peanuts

Producing most sublime noise like a Beethoven of rail tracks

Children running up and down their berths

Singing the nursery rhymes, chirping like the morning birds

Conversations started rolling as the train rolled over the mountains

Oh the beauty of countryside didn’t let me pull the curtains

There she is, sitting right across my seat

Clumsy hair, Blue eyes and hue of red on her lips

Oh my! Am I still in my perpetual dream?

Looking at her, I pinched my hand and screamed

Our eyes met, lips squeezed

My Heart started beating in harmony of the upward speed

The snow suddenly started melting

Golden dust of sun was shining on her cheeks

Shy and restless

I pulled my book, hiding behind the poetry of Wordsworth

There were glances and gazes

Back and forth

For once, I wanted this journey not to get over

Yet the engine screamed loudly and wheels stopped rolling over

Giggles, Vagitus, friends and relatives

All is coming to a beautiful end

I was left with gustling memories engulfed with melancholic mood

I whistled, one last time

For the moving neighborhood in my train!

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