A Plea

Think now of the sun rising

The blue black sky turning pink, gold

Melting finally into it’s sapphirine elegance

Making a beautiful dreamy day unfold

Dewdrops roll down the grass blades

New flowers peep out to feel the air

The slow cool breeze tickles the waters

Nature has nurtured this in her loving care

Many of us do not notice all this

We are so bothered and distraught

In proving ourselves in this material world

And we don’t give Nature a moment’s thought

The morning moves onward

And a bright afternoon clears up the misty haze

Creatures find rest and peace in the green glades

While we remain caught up in life’s ever-twisting maze

Evening ushers in the glorious nocturnal calm

Animals and birds make their way back home

The sun bids it’s blood red farewell

And the sky slowly turns into a glittering black dome

What if we never notice all this

And one day it goes forever away?

How can we hope to survive without it?

Can we even dare to call any tomorrow a ‘day’?

Nature, our mother, epitomizes eternal beauty and strength

I will protect her and cherish her forever

If you are with me, this day is sweet

Let’s try to make the rest of them sweeter!!

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