A Poem About Him

I am ready to write the words
that primarily led me to him
the fine body, the radiant smile
an arduous personality, a majestic man
I delved in the show for a while
I thought of things
I thought about who he was
Who I was in return, what seemed to be.
Blindness that made me giddy
happiness that came effortless through him.
At night I can’t fathom why he’s far apart
Maybe I wasn’t enough but still I burned of
desire and ethnic pride. I revealed my soul within
the sphere of caresses he loved to enclose me in.
Then what happened?
Then why did it need to end?
Why couldn’t he wanted simply me?
My heart is laughing inside
conscious of so many blows
it all becomes a joke
a sick one.
It seems like all I reach, breaks
now I am at a full stop, tapped heavily on the brakes.
A poem about him
at its composition so uneven
as a sign of my complete confusion
as a sign of what he generated within the motion. 
Am I ready to move on
and forget about the inner light he shined on?

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