A Poet’s Death

Image Source: iseesmokepa

A hated ovaries,

A hated testicles,

Innocent flesh, and the cactus throne,

She died as he moaned,

A demon rushed through the salpinx,

An unwanted embryo lied at uterus,

The world is unknown as it formed the foetus,

An untoward heart started to beat,

That laid as a sever pain,

Until she could endure anymore,

But a dark night was all enough,

For an unwanted poet’s birth,

With bipolar

And borderline, the poet

Put his foot on earth,

Leaving a wounded body in tears;

A delusion was where he lived,

An insane, to see the unheard,

And hear the unseen,

That’s how the intelligent world perceived;

Morning was a gloom,

He died everyday as the day bloom,

Evening were all about tears,

Every night, his own breath, but his fear;

Screwed his own heart with the pen,

Until the blood turned dark,

But what he all wrote

Was the night dog’s bark,

painted the world’s pain,

While he disguised his own,

He felt the burn of peace,

And peace in the burn,

And wrote something,

That the world would frown;

Hallucination was where he lived,

Heart as impulsive as the flow in tides,

He sat in intense gaze as emotion flies,

And again came as torrents,

Where he divulged,

Wished emotions would have color,

So that he could show the world,

He was not a born bipolar,

If he would have a perfect word to describe love,

He would tell, he was not a born borderline;

gazing as the world shine,

as the conch resonate the death,

asking where is mine,

loving the world,

Just the way it hates him,

He is standing in the edge,

To free his soul,

Where memoir will be his poem,

Emotions the colors,

Love the stanzas,

Beauty the lines,

Exquisite the shape,

Life a meaning

And death its end.

Unlike birth,

There was no one to hate his end,

A poet died,

And happily nobody had to mourn,,,,……….

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