A Space To Be

Photo Credit — Me! The Shard, London

By branding myself

I’m landing myself

In all kinds of deep trouble

Exposed myself now they burst my bubble

Of authenticity

Called out my duplicity

And I’ve felt a crackle of electricity

Running down my spine

Running round my mind

As I search to find

A place for me

A space to be

The most real me

That I can be

Pulled back the veil

Exposed these fails

Composed these tales

With purity

In security

Knowing that I’m assured to be

Allured by the

Fame and lights

Till now obscured to me

I find it absurd to be

Unheard by these

Masses who turned to me

When they needed hope and I

Demurred to be

A champion for truth

Last bastion against ruth-

Less types that choose

Messed up hype

Cos deep in their psyche

They confess to be

Less than the

Best that we can be

But we’re blessed you see

Cos whilst life is testing me

I’m not resting, me

I’m cresting these


Lest we all get enslaved

In intolerable caves

By ignorant knaves

Unbelievably depraved


Whose behaviour

Was habitual

Almost ritual-ised

And from their residual lies

And hollow cries

I heard all their hate

Their need to despise, me

So I reprised me

Sanitised the

Vanity and hypocrisy

That's my brand see?

A lone man stands see?

A voice in the black

Bringing light back

Shining it bright

Cos when it's fight or flight

I choose to fight

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