A Terrible Artist

Picture Credits: Micallef, Antony. “Art Basel in Hong Kong.” PearlLam Galleries. March, 2016. Web. Available: https://www.pearllam.com/art_fair/art-basel-hong-kong-2016/
You are what gives colour 
To the blood. 
Colour to the leaves; 
Colour to the eyes. 
And rainbows. 
Memories sunken dry.
You give colour 
To the wine. 
Colour to the wind 
At the mountain top. 
To the flowers 
After the showers. 
And water. 
You give colour 
To the Night sky. 
Glow of fire. 
Colour to the wings 
Of the butterfly. 
Dust. Light. Air. 
And nothing.
Then you take it all 
And give them 
To the skin. 
You give colour 
To the cheeks- 
Green. Red. White.
You take colour 
From the mountains 
And use it on the walls. 
Steal some 
From the rainbows 
And fill it on your flag. 
You bring colour 
From the blood 
And donate it to the eyes. 
Borrow colour 
From the night 
And force it on the heart. 
You snatch colour 
From the whales 
And invest it on the lips. 
All at a heavy cost! 
And now you don’t own 
Your loss. 
You are a terrible artist.
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